Project Members

Principal Investigators

United Kingdom

Leigh Payne (2010-Present)
University of Oxford

United States

Kathryn Sikkink (2010-Present)
Harvard University

Project Leaders

United Kingdom

Francesca Lessa (2011-Present)
University of Oxford

United States

Geoff Dancy (2010-present)
Tulane University

Bridget Marchesi (2012-Present)
University of Minnesota & Harvard University

Team Members

University of Oxford

Emily Braid (2011-2012)
Pierre Le Goff (2012-2013)
Gabriel Pereira (2012-2014)
Nicola Palmer (2010-2011)

Mount Holyoke College

Mata Checko (2014)
Sara Ellis (2014)
Ava Gurekian (2014)
Meghan Guptill (2013-2014)
Denise Huang (2014)
Sidonie Le Youdec (2014)
Alexis Marek (2013)
Emma Murphy (2013)
Sasha Pohle-Anderson (2014)
Erika Tannor (2013-2014)
Emma Walters (2013)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Veronica Michel (2011-2012)

Macalaster College

Stephanie Fenner (2010-2012)

Loyola University Maryland

Moira Lynch (2011-2012)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Allie Frankel (2010-2012)

University of Minnesota

Alec Albright (2011-2013)
Brooke Coe (2012-2013)
Emalie Coplan (2011-2012)
Holly Dunn (2013-2014)
Grace Fiddler (2010-2012)
Katherine Franzel (2013)
Marie-Christine Ghreichi (2012-13)
Katrina Heimark (2013-2014)
Daniel Johnson (2013)
Meagan Johnson (2010-2012)
Maggie Loeffelholz (2011-2012)
Cameron Mailhot (2013)
Florencia Montal (2013-2014)
Zachary Payne-Meili (2010-2012)
Farrah Tek (2013-2014)
Marcela Villarrazo (2012-2014)

Tulane University

Catherine Perrone (2014)
Phoebe Shepherd (2015)
Idean Ben-Yakir (2015)
Jamie Campbell (2015)
Ezra Spira-Cohen (2015)
Weishe Jiang (2016)
Tess Martin (2016-18)
Joseph Sotile (2017-18)
Halley Wolin (2018)
Catherine Grayson (2018)


Geoff Dancy (2013-Present)
Tulane University

Veronica Michel (2012-Present)
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Tricia Olsen (2010-Present)
University of Denver

Hunjoon Kim (2010-Present)
Griffith University

Moira Lynch (2012-Present)
Loyola University Maryland

Andrew Reiter (2010-Present)
Mount Holyoke College


Laura Unwin (2010-2013)
University of Oxford

Alexis Cuttance (2010-2013)
University of Minnesota


David Robinson (2010-2013)
University of Oxford

Kristen Charles (2010-2013)
University of Minnesota


University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Fowler (2010-2012)

University of Minnesota

Ryan Andersen (2012-Present)
Elleni Fellows (2013)
Dan Kunitz (2012-2013)
Justin Schell (2013)

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant Nos. SES-0961226 and SES-1228519) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (Grant Nos. AH/1500030/1 and AH/K502856/1). The Oak Foundation (Grant No. OCAY-11-143) supported “The Access to Justice Project: Overcoming Amnesty in the Age of Accountability.” The John Fell Oxford University Press Research Fund (Grant No. 101/552) funded “Accounting for Amnesty: Justice for Past Atrocity.”

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of their Universities or those of the National Science Foundation or the Arts and Humanities Research Council, or the Oak Foundation.

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