When using any of the data on this website, please cite to the following:

Dancy, Geoff, Francesca Lessa, Bridget Marchesi, Leigh A. Payne, Gabriel Pereira, and Kathryn Sikkink. 2014. "The Transitional Justice Research Collaborative: Bridging the Qualitative-Quantitative Divide With New Data." Available at Accessed date.

Replication Data

Our data will be posted upon publication of our research papers currently under review.

Democratic Transitions, 1970-2010: pdf

Coding Manuals

Domestic Criminal Prosecutions Coding Manual: pdf
Amnesty Coding Manual: pdf
Truth Commission Coding Manual: pdf

Feedback and Corrections

The Collaborative welcomes and encourages Feedback from country experts. With such feedback, we hope to continue to improve the currently available data. We will review your comments, research them, verify them, and make emendations if necessary.